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新的一年投資者的習慣 New Year’s Habits for Investors

二月 1 , 2023  

by Charles Cheng, CFA



As 2023 and the Year of the Rabbit is upon us, many people are again making New Year’s Resolutions for themselves such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and building habits for self-improvement.  It’s also a good time to review your investment habits to improve your performance for the long term, regardless of if you’re a full time or part time investor.

隨著 2023 年和兔年的臨近,許多人都在再次為自己制定新年立志,例如減肥、戒菸和養成其他自我提升的習慣。 而無論你是全職還是兼職投資者,這時也是回顧你的投資習慣以長期改善你的表現的好時機。 


Here are a few good annual habits to practice:



  • Review your portfolio: Take the time to review your current portfolio and make sure it is still aligned with your investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • 檢查您的投資組合:花時間檢查您當前的投資組合,確保它仍然符合您的投資目標和風險承受能力。 


  • Rebalance your portfolio: Rebalancing your portfolio involves making sure that your investments are still in the right proportion according to your investment strategy. This can help to reduce risk and ensure that you are taking advantage of market opportunities.
  • 重新平衡您的投資組合:重新平衡您的投資組合包括根據您的投資策略確保您的投資仍然處於正確的比例水平。 這有助於降低風險並確保您正在利用市場機會。 


  • Update your investment plan: Review your investment plan and make any necessary changes to reflect your current situation and goals.
  • 更新您的投資計劃:審查您的投資計劃並進行任何必要的更改以反映您的當前情況和目標。 


  • Check your beneficiaries: Make sure that the beneficiaries on your investment accounts are up-to-date.
  • 檢查您的受益人:確保您投資賬戶上的受益人是最近的。 


  • Depending on your country, taxes can have a significant impact on investment performance so consider if any action needs to be taken to maintain tax efficiency.
  • 根據您所在的國家/地區,稅收可能會對投資績效產生重大影響,因此請考慮是否需要採取任何行動來優化稅收效率。 


  • Revisit investment fees: Review the fees you are paying for each investment and consider whether they are reasonable in relation to the performance of the investment.
  • 重新審視投資費用:審視您為每項投資支付的費用,並考慮它們是否與投資業績相匹配。 


  • Re-evaluate your risk tolerance: Changes in your life and personal circumstances can also affect your risk tolerance, hence it’s good to revisit it periodically.
  • 重新評估您的風險承受能力:生活和個人情況的變化也會影響您的風險承受能力,因此最好定期重新評估。 


  • Stay informed: Keep yourself informed about general market trends, economic conditions and any specific information related to your investments.
  • 隨時了解實事:隨時了解總體市場趨勢、經濟狀況以及與您的投資相關的任何具體信息。 


Finally, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the year just finished.  What new lessons were learned from the investment environment of the past year?  What were some of the mistakes you made and what were the times you made good decisions?  Keeping good investing habits is a responsibility for anyone with the savings to deploy, not just professionals.  By spending just a little time each year, you can help your chances for long term consistent investment performance as well as generate some peace of mind for yourself.

最後,這是回顧剛剛結束的一年的好機會。 過去一年的投資環境有哪些新的教訓?你犯過哪些錯誤,你在哪些時候做出了正確的決定?保持良好的投資習慣是任何有儲蓄投資的人應該具備的,而不僅僅是專業人士。 通過每年花一點時間,您可以幫助自己獲得長久的有連貫性的投資業績的機會,並讓您自己獲得內心的平靜。 



This article reflects the personal views of the author and not any firm’s and should not be viewed as an investment recommendation